Need Boundaries

You can’t do everything. Part of being a responsible adult is knowing what is your responsibility and what is not. In “Boundaries,” Cloud and Townsend describe a boundary as a limit beyond which an activity or function should not take place. Boundaries can be physical, spiritual, or conceptual (Pro 4:23).

  • If you rescue an irresponsible person, you interfere with the Law of Sowing and Reaping (Pro 6:6-11). Have you ever prevented others from learning a lesson by rescuing them from a problem of their own making?
  • If you want others to respect your boundaries, you should respect theirs (Mat 7:12). Have you ever insisted that others accommodate your wishes even though they did not want to do so?

Consider how the boundaries you set (or fail to set) affect others (Eph 4:25). Where could your boundaries need some adjustment? As a leader, how are you managing boundaries?

If you want more information about the book, view this study guide:

Boundaries-guide, Cloud, Townsend

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