Nothing Hurts When You’re Winning

According to John Maxwell in The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, high morale helps a team perform at its best.

When you’re winning, nothing hurts. 

A leader’s tasks should vary depending on the stage of morale present in the team.

  • Poor Morale: Fix what is broken. Show people you believe in them. Be energetic. Communicate hope.
  • Low Morale: Model high-return behaviors. Develop relationships with high-potential people. Arrange small victories. Communicate vision.
  • Moderate Morale: Make changes to improve the team. Earn buy-in from team members. Communicate commitment. Develop and equip members.
  • High Morale: Keep the team focused. Communicate successes. Remove morale mashers. Allow others to lead.

Assess the morale level of your team. Begin performing the tasks appropriate for that morale level to help your team achieve and maintain high morale.

For more thoughts about teamwork see:

Laws of Teamwork, 17 Indisputable-guide, Maxwell

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