Test for Great Leadership

A good litmus test for great leadership is how a person uses authority and power. In 2Corinthians 13:10, Paul gave an example of how he leveraged his authority. He used it for edification rather than destruction.

As a leader, are you using your authority to build up people or tear down people?


3 responses to “Test for Great Leadership

  • SamCicero

    A true way for introspective thinking. Leadership starts with self projected outwardly. We are all leaders but not everybody can lead.


  • Crystal Perkins

    This is a great test for leaders. It’s important to seriously consider those that we lead. Especially because they will likely be heavily influenced by example. Great thought!


  • Sparkyjen

    I suppose if we are good communicators, probably not. Leaders who need to brush up on their communication skills would have a rougher time building anything. How a leader perceives his/her role (what does leadership mean to this person) could stumble, and inhibit. Personally, I prefer to hold the light so that others can see the way to go. I don’t want to lead them necessarily, I want to walk alongside.


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