How to Plan a Meeting

As a leader, do you know how to effectively plan a meeting? A meeting PAL is a tool that shows the Purpose, Agenda, and Logistics for a meeting. It’s a good way to provide structure for a meeting.

  • Purpose: In one or two sentences, state what outcome you expect from the meeting (ex. solution to a problem, decision, action plan, team agreement).
  • Agenda: Here’s how to format an agenda:
    • Make a list of items to discuss or do in the meeting. Only include items that contribute toward the outcome you want from the meeting.
    • Put a person’s name next to each agenda item. That person will lead the discussion for the item.
    • Negotiate a realistic time limit for each item.
    • Remove lower priority items if there won’t be time for them.
  • Logistics: List the date, time, and place. Specify what each person should bring. At least 48 hours before the meeting, send the PAL to those who you have invited to attend.

For a Meeting PAL form, see: tool-meeting-PAL

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