Are You Instantly Obedient?

bible-obeyNotice in Revelation 16:1 that the angels wait for God’s command before they proceed. Once God says, “Go,” they obey immediately without objection. If this sounds easy, remember the hesitation of Moses and Jonah.
As a leader, do you respect God’s timing by waiting for His command? Once you hear His command, do you obey without hesitation? Remember, delayed obedience is disobedience. Strive to develop an “instantly obedient” heart to God’s promptings. Is there something that God has placed on your heart that you know He wants you to do now? Why are you waiting?


One response to “Are You Instantly Obedient?

  • Misggrace

    True… delayed obedience is dis obedience. Often atimes, it’s not easy to instantly obey when our human mind tries to rationalise the order from God… if it doesn’t please our ear and heart, we cast it away as though it the device of the devil 😂… anyways… I also wanted to add that it is still best to do the will of the Father in regards to delayed obedience… looking at Matt 29- 31 where it talks about two sons, one who was early reluctant to do his father’s wI’ll but later repented… that looks to me like delayed obedience. But in the end, he did the father’s will. It is important however to obey immediately God has asked us to do something. God bless

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