Tell How God is Working

grapes-harvestWhen speaking to the people, Nehemiah told them how God was directing him. He told them how He had softened the king’s heart to support the repair of the walls (Neh 2:17-18).

… Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me … 

When you present the vision for a task, what would make it more likely for people to rise up and work? What has God already done to confirm and support the vision?


2 responses to “Tell How God is Working

  • AdriannaJ

    I believe that when what we say lines up with the word of God, true children of God will receive what we say and get on board! Jesus said that His sheep (children) hear/know his voice! Sometimes God can be speaking directly to you or God can be calling you to do something through another person tht He has given a vision/task to! So either way when we walk in truth and light, we always identify it when we hear or see it and are ready to answer to any call tht lines up with the Word of God!

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  • ponderosapapa

    This, of course, implies that we are waiting on the Lord. We need to figure out where God is moving and get on board that train, rather than the easily spoken and often preached concept I heard this morning, “Take on tasks so big that they can’t be accomplished without God.”

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