Foot-shaped Mouth

foot-in-mouthPeter was the “Apostle with the Foot-Shaped Mouth.”

His leadership style was “ready, fire, aim!”

An example is Peter’s reaction (Mark 9:2-9) to Jesus’ Transfiguration.

Peter was privileged to see The Lord’s true identify. In verse 5, Peter said, “…let us make three tabernacles…” Why did Peter say that? Verse 6 reveals, “because he did not know what to say…” When you don’t know what to say, is that a good time to speak? There is great value in knowing not only what to say, but in knowing when to say it. As a leader, strive to use words in a way that makes the most impact. Pray, asking God for the wisdom (Jas 1:5) to use the right words at the right time! Your followers will thank you for it.


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