How to Set and Achieve Goals

To achieve goals, it helps to know the best way to set and manage them. Try the following tips.

  1. Set big goals that motivate you. When you begin to get bored, distracted, or discouraged, go back to the reason you want to achieve the goal. That will help you get back on the path.
  2. Break big goals into reasonable small goals. If your brain doesn’t think the small goals are something you can accomplish, you are more likely to give up on the big goals. Be realistic.
  3. Set up a schedule to work on one of your small goals every day. This helps you gain momentum.
  4. Adjust your mini-goals if necessary. If you find they are too easy, make them more difficult so you don’t feel like you are failing to make progress. If they are too difficult, make them easier so you don’t give up on yourself.
  5. Build in feedback and rewards. Ask someone to discuss progress with you regularly. This helps keep you accountable. Track your progress on a chart. Give yourself a small reward at key points along the way.


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