How to Feed Others Spiritually

Study John 6:9-13 to reflect on the leadership principles you can find in the miracle of the fishes and loaves. Consider the process of getting spiritually fed and of feeding others.

  1. The men sat down: For God’s Word to speak to you, you must be receptive. When feeding others, help them prepare to listen.
  2. Jesus gave thanks: We should follow His example and give thanks before we partake of His Word. Teach others to do the same.
  3. Jesus distributed to the disciples: Jesus involved the disciples in feeding others. As a leader, are you feeding others? Are you involving others in the feeding?
  4. Then the disciples distributed: This happened after people had sat down. If we are not ready to listen, the Holy Spirit will not teach us. We should first feed those who are ready to listen.
  5. They ate as much as they wanted: We should feed on God’s Word until we are full. The amount of time will vary. When you feed others, watch. Stop when they are full.
  6. They gathered the fragments: When you are filled, gather up the fragments so you don’t lose them. Journaling is one way to do this. It will give you enough to share with others. Teach others to do the same.

For study and reflection on more of Jesus’ miracles, see the study guide:

Miracles: When Pigs Fly    

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