Be Wary of World-colored Glasses

Read Luke 7:36-50

This story reminds us to be wary of our “world-colored” glasses when forming an opinion of others.

  • What thoughts come to mind when you see someone like the woman in the story seek Christ?
  • Do you question Christ’s willingness to forgive her?
  • Do you judge her?
  • What would it take to see her as Christ sees her?


One response to “Be Wary of World-colored Glasses

  • JanBeek

    I don’t need rose colored glasses
    Nor world glasses tainted dark
    To see as Jesus sees others,
    I don’t need lenses stark.
    I need to dawn my glasses
    That see as Jesus does.
    Put on my Jesus glasses
    And eliminate the fuzz.
    Put on the love of Jesus,
    Let it fill my eyes and ears,
    Then look with godly mercy
    And put away all fears!

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