Thank God for Trials

Abraham Lincoln said that “crisis doesn’t produce character, it reveals character!” In the midst of crisis, adversity, and tribulation, God wants to refine you as a leader. Although you are unlikely to enjoy the adversity that you are facing, know that it is for your good and God’s glory (Rom 8:28).

If you are experiencing a time of extreme adversity in your leadership or undergoing an extreme season of tribulation, take heart. God loves you and He prunes those whom He loves (John 15:1-11 and Heb 12:3-11).

Have you thanked God for your trials yet (Jas 1:2 and Jas 1:12)? Spend some time this week to thank God for adversity. In doing so, you might gain a fresh perspective on your current situation. Of course, you’ll also want to tell Him that you can’t get through it without His help.


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