Responding to Criticism

One of the most difficult things to handle as a leader is when those closest to you complain to you. God takes complaints about leaders seriously because no one becomes a leader without His permission  (1Sam 8:7). 

It is not easy; however, we should expect criticism and handle it as God desires (Ecc 7:21-22). Read Romans 8:33-34 and Matthew 5:44. What do these passages suggests we do to handle criticism against us.


2 responses to “Responding to Criticism

  • JanBeek

    “Do not pay attention to every word people say” (consider the source), and “It is God who justifies…” “Who is the one who condemns?… (only) Jesus Christ.” (Do not allow the standards of the world to condemn you… live according to God’s Word. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Remember, you are not alone in your persecution… Christ is our prime exemplar …). I can handle criticism with the help of these scriptures and with the Belt of Truth that God provides. Thank you for these references, “GraceLead.”

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  • 🌹V.O.L

    I have found that being able to take criticism also helps with growth. Great post!

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