Nurture Your Fig Tree

Reflect on the parable of the fig tree in (Luke 13:6-9) .

Place yourself in the position of the keeper of the vineyard.

  • The fig tree is a person or ministry under your care.
  • Consider the Lord as the “certain man” who is pointing out the fig tree’s lack of productivity.
  • To what lengths will you go to nurture that person or ministry to encourage the result that God seeks?


3 responses to “Nurture Your Fig Tree

  • JanBeek

    Thank you! I am the one who is blessed. ❤️👍🏽

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  • gracelead

    Yes, doing all you “humanly can” to encourage them seems to be what He desires. We can’t “make” anyone grow, but we can surely pile on the encouragement, set a good example ourselves, and point out when they seem to be moving outside God’s plan. In my opinion, your fig trees are blessed to have you in their lives.

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  • JanBeek

    I will go to great lengths… doing all I humanly can to encourage God’s intended growth in that person, situation, or place. If He has placed it in my care, I will feel responsible for its lack of productivity.

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