Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader

Reflect on the characteristics of a spiritual leader that Nehemiah demonstrated.

  • Faced Reality: Nehemiah didn’t ignore the problem (Neh 1:4).
  • Personally Cared: Nehemiah had a cushy circumstance, but he cared about his people. When he heard the bad news, he sat down and cried (Neh 1:4). He mourned for several days.

  • Brought the Need to God First: Nehemiah didn’t rush off to fix the problem on his own. What he did immediately was pray. [Of course, temper this with the urgency of the situation. No doubt, you can pray while you act.] Notice how he began his prayer by telling God how awesome He is (Neh 1:45).
  • Knew God’s Promises: Nehemiah knew God’s promises well enough to admit where he and the people had gone wrong. He was also able to claim the promises that God had made to them (Neh 1:6-9).
  • Was Available for God to Use: Nehemiah let God know that he was prepared to do whatever God desired (Neh 1:10-11).

Do you face reality, personally care, bring needs to God first, know His promises, and make yourself available for God to use?

You may find this summary of The Leadership Ellipse helpful.


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