ABCs of Leadership

Sometimes leadership is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be complicated if you stick with the ABCs.

Accountability: Leaders are accountable to others and for others. Example: Amos was a simple shepherd who God called to warn Israel. He told them that the greater the privilege, the greater God’s expectations are of us (Amos 3:1-3).

Belonging: Community with others promotes staying true to purpose. Example: Stephanas’ family ministered together, pouring themselves out for the church (1Cor 16:13-16).

Care: True leaders make sacrifices for others. Examples: Onesiphorus sacrificed to care for Paul during difficult times (2Tim 1:16-18). Paul cared deeply for churches and individuals (Eph 6:21-24).

  • When you focus on Accountability, Belonging, and Care, how can that simplify being a leader?
  • How could knowing the ABCs of leadership help you notice leadership potential in others?

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