Do You Pull or Push?

You can get things done, at least short-term, by pushing hard. Why would you want to pull instead?

Consider the illustration Gen. Eisenhower shared with his officers.

Eisenhower placed a long piece of string on a table in front of his officers. 

“Look what happens when I push the string” he explained, “It just bunches up, going nowhere. Look what happens when I pull the string. It follows me wherever I go.” 

When you use the pull style of leadership: 

  • It energizes people to achieve the goal.
  • It increases enthusiasm for the leader and for the followers.
  • It develops leadership skills in others.

As all good leadership principles do, the pull style of leadership has a biblical basis.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: (Heb 10:24

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