How Can Solitude Be Helpful?

Some of us have learned that getting away from it all can be helpful when we’re experiencing burnout. Can solitude be helpful in other circumstances?

Consider what Jesus did after a loss and after a success.

  • When He heard about the death of John the Baptist, He went into a desert place by Himself (Mat 14:12-13).
  • After He fed the 5,000, He sent the multitude away then He went up into a mountain to pray (Mat 14:21-23).

If you take time to be alone with God after a loss or success, what could you discuss with Him? Here are a few ideas.

  • Loss: Tell Him how much you need Him to strengthen you and guide you through your grief. Ask Him to use this trial to make you a better leader. Ask Him how the loss can help you be more compassionate.
  • Success: Acknowledge that the success is His doing. Praise Him for blessing you with the success. Ask Him how you can use the success to better serve Him and bless others. 

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