Are You an Intelligent Leader?

Intelligence is far more diverse than what we typically measure on standardized tests. You may be one of those people who doesn’t score well on those tests, but are gifted in other ways (mechanically, musically, artistically, interpersonally).

Here is one way to look at intelligence types that can help you be a better leader. 

  • Spiritual: Study God’s Word, pray, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, and refresh with solitude. (Pro 19:21, Psa 143:8)  
  • Rational: Plan, use structured problem solving / decision making, and measure. (Pro 21:5, Luke 14:28)
  • Emotional: Keep emotions in check, sense emotions of others, and nurture others. (Pro 16:32, Php 2:4)
  • Relational: Listen effectively, set appropriate boundaries, manage conflict well, and express thoughts well both verbally and in writing. (Pro 1:5, Pro 15:22)

Which of these can you best leverage to be a better leader?

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