What benefits would we gain if we could implement the year of Jubilee practice that God prescribed for Israel Lev 25:5?

Can you imagine taking a whole year to rest and focus entirely on your relationship with God?

In a world where it seem difficult to carve out 15 minutes a day to read a passage of the Bible, Jubilee seems like an impossible dream.

If it did happen, would you eagerly embrace it or would you go stir-crazy without your habitual busy schedule?

2 responses to “Jubilee

  • JanBeek

    Seven is a magic number in many ways. A break every 7 years was typical in my 36 year career in education. It would have been nice to have all debts forgiven each of those years, too. We live at #7 on our road. Our phone & PO Box numbers both are 77. We have 7 grandchildren. We’re living the 61st year of our marriage (6+1=7, of course!) we’re counting our blessings and trying to make each day a Jubilee!!

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