Bee’s Knees?

Have you heard the expression, “Bee’s Knees”?

Its current meaning refers to something that is excellent; however, that is not how it began.

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we see the expression, “the BE all and END all” which means the central or most important element of something.

After years of use, people began to say, “Bs and Es” which sounded like “bee’s knees.” It seemed to make sense because bees collect sweet pollen on their knees which suggests goodness. The new expression thrived and the old one got lost.

Could we say that Christ is the Bee’s Knees?

  • He created all that exists. Col 1:15-16 
  • He is eternal and in Him all things hold together. Col 1:17 

Bee’s Knees doesn’t begin to describe Him. We’d be more accurate using Shakespeare’s original expression. Christ is the Ultimate BE all and END all. 

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