Do You Listen to God?

Perhaps you know it’s important to listen to God, but aren’t sure how to hear from Him. Here are some tips.

  • First, obey what God has already shown you, 1Sam 3:1. Samuel ministered to God. That means he honored God in everything he did, doing his best to behave as he knew God wanted him to behave. 
  • Next, remove distractions. They may not be sins; however, they can eat up so much of your time, that you don’t devote adequate time focusing on God, 1Sam 3:2-4. God spoke to Samuel when Samuel was resting. 
  • Finally, ask God what He wants you to see and do, 1Sam 3:10. When God spoke, Samuel answered, “Speak, for Your servant hears.” 

If you listen to God, He is more likely to keep speaking to you. Do you listen to God? 

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