Are You a Transparent Leader?

This Rothschild Silkmoth has transparent panels on it wings. Notice how you can see through them to the plant behind the moth.

That made me think of how we are all totally transparent from God’s perspective, Heb 4:12-13. 

With people, you are only as transparent as you allow. As a leader, have you built some transparent windows that allow others to see some of the real you?

What could be the benefit of being tactfully transparent with those on your team? What if you practiced the following? 

  • Be Honest: Deliver good news with joy and bad news with compassion. If they ask a question you can’t answer, tell them why (either you don’t know or you have a restriction on what you can share). 
  • Listen: Humbly accept unpleasant feedback. You don’t have to agree with it or promise to make all the changes they want. It is important that you understand their concerns and take them into account. Let them know what changes you are able to make based on the feedback. 
  • Share Information: Make as much information available as you can. 

That type of transparency can build trust and respect between you and your team members. 

Consider building some windows or cleaning the ones you have. 

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