Bring Fire to Your Leadership

What does it take for God to bring fire to your leadership?

Consider what Elijah did before God sent fire

in 1Kgs 18:36-39. 

  • Elijah announced to God in front of others that: 

    • God was their God. As others listen, do you pray to God acknowledging Him as their God?
    • Elijah was God’s servant. Do you announce to God and others that you are God’s servant?
    • what he was doing was according to God’s Word. Do you proclaim in front of God and others that what you are doing is according to His Word? 
  • Elijah asked God to hear him so that people would know God as the LORD God and turn their hearts back to Him. Why do you want God to hear you? Is your request about you or is it about those under your care?

Based on your answers, how likely is it that God will bring fire to your leadership?

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