Do They See What You See?

Elisha and his servant were surrounded by an enemy army, 2Kgs 6:8-17. This caused great distress for the servant. Elisha told him not to fear and that God’s army was greater than the enemy army. Then Elisha prayed, asking God to open the servant’s eyes to see things from His perspective. 

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Are You Empty Enough?

Elisha met a woman who was destitute, (2Kgs 4:1-7). He knew she had been faithful to God. She cried out to him because her husband was dead and she had no money to pay her bills. 

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Consequence of Not Listening

God gave rebellious Israel numerous opportunities to listen to Him after they came out of Egypt. Jeremiah pleaded with them to repent and return to God, Jer 25:3-7. They continued to rebel.

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