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Focus on the Future

Paul ended his letter with a focus on the future. He knew that hope for the future gave power in the present. Notice what that future focus does.

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Earn the Privilege

invest-in-peopleYour love for people is the only thing that separates you from all the other people telling them what to do.

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How to Build Leaders

Paul trained new believers with the idea that he would raise up leaders to replace himself. Notice how Paul describes this method of leadership training.

  • Training was a combination of words and demonstration (1The 1:5).
  • Learning occurred as they experienced real life problems (1The 1:6).
  • They in turn trained others (1The 1:7-8).

How is this similar to identifying and developing an apprentice? How could you apply this method to raise up leaders? Each of us, as a leader, has the responsibility to develop others. Some of these may be people who could replace us. Others may have potential that is a better match elsewhere. If you see potential, do your best to nurture it.

For tips on recruiting and developing an apprentice, download this guide:

Apprentice Quick Start Guide   


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