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Always a Missionary



What story is your life writing (Acts 28:30-31)? Do you see yourself as a missionary in all parts of your life?

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Attitude Check

Acts 16:25-34 records the experiences of Paul and Silas in jail. When they were in prison, they sang songs and hymns praising God! What if you were in prison for proclaiming Christ? Would you rejoice, pray, and sing or would you grumble and complain? How is your attitude when you face smaller difficulties at home, work, or church? Do you welcome difficulties with rejoicing or do you scold them with pessimism?

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Style vs. Content

Paul adapted his preaching style to his audience without changing the core of his message. Compare how he quoted Scripture to Jews in a synagogue (Acts 13:16-41) to how he quoted pop-culture and poetry to Gentile philosophers (Acts 17:22-31). How do you vary your communication style to connect with others while keeping your message intact? Think of ways you can improve this skill. Which people in your world pose the biggest communication challenge for you?

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