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Mirror Effect

Followers tend to reflect the attitudes and behaviors of their leader. It’s the mirror effect! Whether you realize it or not, those around you (your children, those alongside you in ministry, those in your workplace) notice your attitude and behavior. Over time, they will model your leadership example, good or bad!  (Heb 13:7-8

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Set Apart

Would you like to be a leader who is set apart from the crowd? Read 1Peter 1:13-16. Consider how you can apply the following four suggestions for being a leader who is set apart from the crowd.

  1. Gird your Mind: Prepare your mind. Remember, you answer to God (Job 38:3 and Eph 6:14).
  2. Give your Attention: Be sober. Pay attention to what’s happening and cry out to God when you get off track (1The 5:6 and 1Pet 5:8).
  3. Guard your Heart: Rest your hope. The more you focus on your future inheritance, the more joy you will have (Rom 15:12-13 and Php 4:7).
  4. Guide your Behavior: Behave to please God. Every step you take toward becoming like Christ pleases Him (1The 2:12 and Eph 6:6).


Change the Environment

Sometimes it’s easier and more helpful to change things instead of people. Our environment is a source of influence that we often underuse. Here are some tips for changing the environment to influence people to demonstrate the behaviors that are vital to achieving better results.  Continue reading

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