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Always a Missionary



What story is your life writing (Acts 28:30-31)? Do you see yourself as a missionary in all parts of your life?

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How to Be an Ambassador

handshake-1Gregory Koukl’s book Tactics provides a game plan for being a good ambassador. Our engagements with others should resemble diplomacy, not a battle.

There are three basic skills for an ambassador:

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Downside, Upside

Paul said he was a servant of Christ (1Cor 4:1). Consider the downside and upside of being a true servant of Christ. Which of these have you experienced?

  • Downside: affliction, hardship, distress, turmoil, sleeplessness
  • Upside: purity, knowledge, patience, kindness, love, righteousness

For more leadership principles from 1Corinthians, see:


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