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Consequences of Decisions

hands-actionsWe can assess our performance as leaders by the consequences of the decisions we make.

In general, do your decisions:

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Consequences Beyond You

dominoLeader, your sins have consequences not just to you, but to others around you (Pro 14:34).

How can meditating on Micah 6:8 make you a better leader? How can it bring positive consequences to those around you? How can your justice, mercy, and humility create an environment that stimulates those qualities in others?

How to Improve Decision Making

Would you like to improve your decision making? Consider the suggestions from Henry and Richard Blackaby in Spiritual Leadership.

  • Evaluate Your Decisions: Every decision has consequences. Make it a practice to evaluate the results of your decisions.
  • Walk Closely with God: When you struggle to make a decision, consider the struggle as an indicator that you need some quiet time with God. Remove distractions and focus on Him.
  • Seek God’s Vision: There is no value in making progress in the wrong direction. Always seek God’s direction. Seeking the mind of God at the front end of a decision can save you years of painful regret later.
  • Seek God’s Wisdom: The book of Proverbs is packed with God’s wisdom. If you aren’t getting clear direction from where you are in your daily reading, spend some time in Proverbs.

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