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Are You Ready to Change?

Change is fine when it affects someone else, but when it affects you, that’s another matter. 

If you are a Christ-follower, you look forward to that amazing day when He transforms your lowly body into a glorious one (Php 3:21). Sign me up! 

What is less comfortable are the daily changes He wants to make in your life. Though not always enjoyable, they serve to help you better reflect His light to others  (Mat 5:16, 2Cor 4:4). 

Leaders who resist the refinements that He is making in their lives have a credibility gap (1John 1:5-6). Their ability to lead diminishes. 

  • Be the leader He wants you to be. 
  • Be ready for the changes He will ask you to make. 


Practice What You Preach

Peter could speak credibly about persecutions because he endured them himself. He practiced what he preached (1Pet 4:12-14).

In Acts 5 we can see how he suffered for his faith. Acts 12 reports his imprisonment. Eventually, the Romans crucified him upside down instead of right-side up.

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Can They Tell How Much You Care?

In Acts 3, notice how Peter gained an audience. Before he shared the gospel, he used the gifts he had to show compassion. People noticed the result of his action. This gave Peter an invitation to speak.

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