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Do You See the Big Picture?

Temptations entice all of us.

If we focus solely on immediate gratification, we are more likely to give in to them.

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Do You Learn from Your Mistakes?

Eve learned from her big mistake. Later, when she suffered the loss of Abel at the hands of Cain, she didn’t let that pain cause her to sin again. She did not blame God or become bitter.

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Don’t Drop the Ball

When Eve brought the forbidden fruit to Adam, Adam dropped the ball. 

  • Adam didn’t listen to God, but went along with Eve’s bad idea (Gen 3:6).
  • When God confronted Adam, Adam blamed what he did on Eve (Gen 3:11-12). 

Spiritual leadership requires us to take responsibility for what we do.

Do you take responsibility for how you influence your family members, your work associates, and your fellow Christ-followers?

Don’t drop the ball!

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