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Search Me, O God

Listen to your heart’s yearning for God.

Your flesh tries to rule you. Fight against it. Realize how its pleasures last only a short time.

Break the bondage by continuing to think of the eternal. Listen to God’s Spirit and submit. Give Him an opportunity to speak to you through: your prayer time, your Bible reading, your serving, and your praise. Yield control to the Spirit.

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When to Take a Pause

When God opened Nehemiah’s heart to do a task, Nehemiah waited three days before he took his first action (Neh 2:11-12). Do you pause before beginning a task God has put in your heart to do? In what ways can a pause be helpful? Continue reading

Set Apart

Would you like to be a leader who is set apart from the crowd? Read 1Peter 1:13-16. Consider how you can apply the following four suggestions for being a leader who is set apart from the crowd.

  1. Gird your Mind: Prepare your mind. Remember, you answer to God (Job 38:3 and Eph 6:14).
  2. Give your Attention: Be sober. Pay attention to what’s happening and cry out to God when you get off track (1The 5:6 and 1Pet 5:8).
  3. Guard your Heart: Rest your hope. The more you focus on your future inheritance, the more joy you will have (Rom 15:12-13 and Php 4:7).
  4. Guide your Behavior: Behave to please God. Every step you take toward becoming like Christ pleases Him (1The 2:12 and Eph 6:6).


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