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Target on Your Back

It takes a lifetime to build your character and a second to destroy it. As a leader, it is vital that you keep yourself close to Jesus. Why? Because, if you are influencing others and making waves for the Kingdom, you have a giant target on your back.

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Supreme Authority


God gives grace to the humble.


Reflect on the following words from the resolution that Abraham Lincoln signed during the Civil War.

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Benefits of Servant Leaders

List five words that describe the best leader you’ve known. Read Mark 10:42-45. As a leader, how can you also be a servant of your people? In what ways will this make you different from the cultural norm? What does humility look like in a leadership role?

Often, we describe these types of characteristics as the “soft side” of leadership. Do you agree or disagree? Why? List the benefits and risks of using the servant leader approach.   

For a study of unsung heroes, see the: Unsung Heroes Study Guide


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