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Practice What You Preach

Peter could speak credibly about persecutions because he endured them himself. He practiced what he preached (1Pet 4:12-14).

In Acts 5 we can see how he suffered for his faith. Acts 12 reports his imprisonment. Eventually, the Romans crucified him upside down instead of right-side up.

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Set Your Boundary Stones

Israel used boundary stones to define the borders of a property. In Hosea 5:10, God points out that the leaders of Judah have overstepped their limits by removing a defining landmark.

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Refuse to Compromise

compromise-noBeing God’s kind of leader means refusing to compromise what you believe. Mordecai was such a leader (Est 3:1-6). Haman demanded a show of reverence that was like worship. By refusing to bow down to Haman, Mordecai followed God’s commandment to have no other gods before Him (Exo 20:3-5).

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