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Give Credit

When Deborah sang her song, she didn’t focus only on her accomplishments. She was careful to give credit to those who deserved it. Who does she credit in the following verses?

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How to Use Your Gifts

samson-pillarsGod gave Samson the gift of great physical strength. Instead of using it to rally his people and overcome the enemy, Samson used it for his own pleasure. During Samson’s 20 years as judge, Israel had no rest from Philistine rule (Jdg 15:20).

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Who’s in Charge?

Imagine that a leader told you to gather an army for a battle. Facing 900 chariots as Barak did would be equivalent to your soldiers today facing 900 armored tanks (Judg 4:3). How enthusiastic would you be to go on foot with a rifle to face an armored tank? What are the odds that you would overcome the tank?

When Deborah told Barak that God wanted him to fight the Canaanites, why do you think Barak said he would go only if Deborah went with him (Judg 4:6-10)? Consider the following.

As Israel faced the Canaanites, who was in charge? When you face a challenge, who is in charge? Which of the following verses best answers the question for you?

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