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Not about You

Read (1Peter 5:1-2and compare to John 21:16.

Notice the growth Peter had made as a leader.

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How to Facilitate a Discussion

facilitate-discussionA leader ACTS to facilitate discussions by:

  • Acknowledging: Acknowledge each person who speaks during a discussion. Also, watch for non-verbal signals and acknowledge those.
  • Clarifying: Clarify what members say. Also, clarify your understanding of what members are feeling (frustrated, impatient, stressed…).
  • Turning: Turn questions back to the group rather than answering all of them yourself.
  • Summarizing: Summarize what members have said before moving to a new topic or adjourning.

For more tips, see: Facilitate Discussions

Do You Hinder?

God expects more from leaders (Luke 12:47-48).

He has entrusted them with influence over others. When a leader hinders another person from obeying the truth, the leader will bear judgment. Read Galatians 5:7-10.

What can you do to be certain that you do not hinder anyone from obeying the truth?

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