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How to Transition a Responsibility

baton-pass-1When it’s time to transition a responsibility to another leader, consider how David transitioned the kingdom to Solomon.  Continue reading

How to Stick to Priorities

arrow-target(excerpts from “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell)

If you focus your attention on the activities that rank in the top 20 percent of importance, you will have an 80 percent return on your effort. (This is the Pareto principle.)

Order your life by the three Rs (requirement, return, reward). Continue reading

Consequences Beyond You

dominoLeader, your sins have consequences not just to you, but to others around you (Pro 14:34).

How can meditating on Micah 6:8 make you a better leader? How can it bring positive consequences to those around you? How can your justice, mercy, and humility create an environment that stimulates those qualities in others?

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