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Practical Life Advice

Consider the advice in the following list.

Which advice applies to your current life circumstances?

Make a plan to begin applying it today.

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Life Interrupted

romans-5-8Eternity in Hell cannot make up for what Christ endured (Rom 5:14-16). Hell is not an equal punishment for an equal crime. God interrupted His own existence to make a way for us into Heaven.

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All the Days of Your Life

Moses left instructions that when a king came to the throne, the king was to write a copy of God’s Law in a book. The king was to read from this book all the days of his life. Notice what benefits the king would receive from regularly reading God’s Word (Deu 17:18-20).

As a leader, what do you do to be sure you are getting daily guidance from God’s Word? If you are not getting daily guidance from God’s Word, what changes will you make to your daily routine? We pray that you read, apply, and treasure God’s Word all the days of your life.

Tip: There are a variety of Bible-reading plans along with Bible-study tools available on: OWNit365.com  


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