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Creative, Constant, Consistent



Just as Joel did (Joel 2), leaders can use current events to share the timeless truth.

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How to Use Parables

parable-sowerTake some tips for communicating a vision from the Master. Notice how Jesus used parables (Mat 13). Parable means to “cast alongside.” A parable is a story or comparison put alongside something to make a message clear.

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Polka-Dotted Pig

If you saw a polka-dotted pig among all the other animals, you would notice and remember it. The unique message gets through. If your presentations tend to follow an unvarying pattern of style and delivery, they will likely not be attention-getting or memorable. Find some ways to make your messages unique.

Ask a maven (person who knows about many different topics) to think about the big idea of your message. Often, a maven will think of unusual ways to approach the content or delivery of your topic.

Use mystery by beginning your message with an unanswered question or unsolved secret. Build toward answering the mystery during your message.

Here are a few techniques that may help you leverage the polka-dotted pig habitude.

  • Metaphors to illustrate ideas
  • Relevant visual aids
  • Audience participation
  • Costumes or props

For more information about communication habitudes, see:

Habitudes for Communicators-summary, Elmore

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