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Motives of a Leader

The biggest barrier to leading like Jesus is a heart filled with self-interest.

Do you look out for the interests of others as Paul advises in Philippians 2:1-4?

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Search Me, O God

Listen to your heart’s yearning for God.

Your flesh tries to rule you. Fight against it. Realize how its pleasures last only a short time.

Break the bondage by continuing to think of the eternal. Listen to God’s Spirit and submit. Give Him an opportunity to speak to you through: your prayer time, your Bible reading, your serving, and your praise. Yield control to the Spirit.

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He Sees Your Motives

Revelation 2-3 gives insight into how Jesus sees the motives behind our actions. He looks through the activity and sees the why behind the what. Imagine that Jesus were to assess your leadership.

What would He say? What are your motives? Are you driven by self-promotion or God’s glory? Are you friends with people to advance your career and be liked or because you seek opportunities to reflect Christ’s light to them? Do you serve an audience of many or of ONE?


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