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Tell How God is Working

grapes-harvestWhen speaking to the people, Nehemiah told them how God was directing him. He told them how He had softened the king’s heart to support the repair of the walls (Neh 2:17-18).

… Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me … 

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Identify the Needs

wall-brickNehemiah’s first action was to see where the walls needed repair (Neh 2:13-16). When creating a plan what are some of the things you consider? How do you make certain you have identified the needs?

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When to Take a Pause

When God opened Nehemiah’s heart to do a task, Nehemiah waited three days before he took his first action (Neh 2:11-12). Do you pause before beginning a task God has put in your heart to do? In what ways can a pause be helpful? Continue reading

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