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Perspective Matters

A group of 12 spies, all leaders with the same opportunities had vastly differing opinions, Num 13:1-2 

  • 10 Spies advised Israel to NOT go.
  • 2 Spies advised Israel to go.

Why did they have opposite opinions?

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Chart the Course

 “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.” -John Maxwell

Are you a leader, a person who charts the course?



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As a leader (parent, group leader, person to whom others listen), there will be times when people complain to you or about you (Mark 3:20-21). Think of times when you’ve had to endure complaining. Notice what Moses does for the complainers in Numbers 11:2. What could you do to remember to respond as Moses did?

For a study based on the leadership principles in Numbers, see

Leadership by Numbers 


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