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Supreme Authority


God gives grace to the humble.


Reflect on the following words from the resolution that Abraham Lincoln signed during the Civil War.

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How to Get a Vision

Consider the vision process that Habakkuk demonstrates.


First, you must have a burden. Your vision must be bigger than you. It should come from God (Jer 23:16).  Continue reading

How to Reproduce Your Group

growth-arrowsIf you are a small group leader who wants to reach the unconnected and develop Christ-followers, you must consider how to reproduce your group. In Exponential, Dave and Jon Ferguson have identified the key factors that affect groups reproducing:

  • How much time the leader spends praying for group members.
  • The leader setting a goal for the group reproducing.
  • The leader receiving effective training.
  • The group’s focus on bringing new members to the group.
  • The group having fun together outside the meetings.

How are you and your group doing on these factors?

For a summary of the book, see: Exponential Book Summary

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