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Power of a Plan

planning-powerConsider the parable of the 10 maidens (Mat 25:1-13). If you knew Christ was coming for you tomorrow, what would you do today to prepare to meet Him (Mat 24:44)?

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Getting Back on Track

Reflect on Ezra’s example of service and leadership. When you begin a challenge that involves restoring your and other’s relationship with God, how well do you do each of these tasks?

  • Prepare for the task (Ezra 7): Ezra prepared his heart to seek, do, and teach.
  • Seek God’s direction (Ezra 8): Ezra depended on God and was determined to do things God’s way.
  • Grieve over compromises (Ezra 9): Ezra was distraught over the people’s compromises and he cried out to God.
  • Restore separation (Ezra 10): Ezra confessed the sins of the people and began to separate them from it.

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