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Search Me, O God

Listen to your heart’s yearning for God.

Your flesh tries to rule you. Fight against it. Realize how its pleasures last only a short time.

Break the bondage by continuing to think of the eternal. Listen to God’s Spirit and submit. Give Him an opportunity to speak to you through: your prayer time, your Bible reading, your serving, and your praise. Yield control to the Spirit.

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Your Tombstone

If God was going to write something to put on your tombstone, what do you wish He would say?

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Your Strength

Intellectually, you may know that any strength you have comes from God. Have you developed this knowledge into understanding? In other words, do you behave as if your strength comes from God (Psa 68:28)? Is your desire, like David’s, to have God finish His good work in you? If it is, you have no cause to fear and you have no cause to boast. You simply have cause to praise the Lord!


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