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Dress for Success

dress-for-successNotice in Revelation 15:6 how the angels are clothed. They wear pure white linen and golden bands. White linen is a symbol of holiness and purity (Psa 51:7Isa 1:18Luke 9:29). Gold purged of impurities is a symbol of righteousness (Mal 3:3).

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Lead Out of the Overflow

overflow-waterAs a spiritual leader, the temptation is to focus on everyone else’s needs at the expense of your personal growth. God wants you to lead out of the overflow of what He is doing in your life (Rev 10:8-11).

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Are You Instantly Obedient?

bible-obeyNotice in Revelation 16:1 that the angels wait for God’s command before they proceed. Once God says, “Go,” they obey immediately without objection. If this sounds easy, remember the hesitation of Moses and Jonah. Continue reading

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