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Process of Spiritual Leadership, part-2

Once you’ve put spiritual leadership in perspective by loving God, acknowledging your inadequacy, and studying His Word, what’s next? 

Let’s move to step-4 in our diagram. 

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Process of Spiritual Leadership, part-1

A simple definition of spiritual leadership = helping others become the people God wants them to be. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that unless you are spiritually mature enough to set an example for others, you cannot lead people spiritually. 

The diagram shows one way of looking at the process of spiritual leadership. 

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How to Think Big

paradoxLeader, are you aware of the leadership paradox of Proverbs 2-3? God wants us to seek wisdom and understanding (Pro 2:1-5); however, He doesn’t want us to lean on it apart from the Lord (Pro 3:5-6). How do godly leaders think?

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