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How Can Solitude Be Helpful?

Some of us have learned that getting away from it all can be helpful when we’re experiencing burnout. Can solitude be helpful in other circumstances?

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How to Lift Your Lids

To lift your lids, you must first identify them. Next, make a plan for lifting them.

  • Make a list of the external and internal factors that undermine your success.
  • Select two or three to address. 
  • Make a plan. 

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What Are Your Lids?

Each of us has personal lids, things that undermine our success.

It’s like being in a container with a tight lid. Examples include:

  • External: inexperience, lack of support from others, people who dislike you
  • Internal: fear, impatience, anger, jealousy, denial

The issue is not whether you have lids.

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