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How to Use Parables

parable-sowerTake some tips for communicating a vision from the Master. Notice how Jesus used parables (Mat 13). Parable means to “cast alongside.” A parable is a story or comparison put alongside something to make a message clear.

To follow His communication example: Continue reading

Look to the Future

futureLeader, when you get discouraged, look toward the future (Zech 14).

Look around to see others who may be discouraged. Help them get a vision of the future also.


Develop a Vision

Do you have a vision? How did you arrive at the vision? Notice the development of a vision in Matthew 9:35-38:

  • See a need: “He saw” (Mat 9:36)
  • Develop a burden: “moved with compassion” (Mat 9:36)
  • Recognize the cause: “laborers are few” (Mat 9:37)
  • Make a call to action: “therefore pray” (Mat 9:38)

To be a relevant leader, you must identify and meet real needs. Be observant. Let God give you a burden. Then seek His direction for a vision.


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