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What Are Your Priorities?

If God asked you, 

“What shall I give you?” what would you say?

What selection criteria would you use to decide what to ask?

  • Pleasure: riches, creature comforts 
  • Pride: popularity, fame 
  • Problem-removal: trials, enemies

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Are You Empty Enough?

Elisha met a woman who was destitute, (2Kgs 4:1-7). He knew she had been faithful to God. She cried out to him because her husband was dead and she had no money to pay her bills. 

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Pride = Downfall

The most dangerous time for a leader is when that leader becomes powerful.

Consider Uzziah. 

As long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper, 2Chr 26:3-5.

When Uzziah became powerful, he was filled with pride.

That began a downward spiral in his life.

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