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What Story Is Your Life Writing?

People won’t remember you for what size of house you lived in, what kind of car you drove, or what style of clothes you wore.

People will remember you for the impact that you made on others while you were here on earth. Legacy comes not from what you HAD but for what you GAVE. Legacy results from the life you led. (2Tim 3:10-17) 

What story is your life writing?

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Are You a Grumbler?

Avoid grumbling in front of others.

Don’t allow your team members to grumble about one another.

Not only does that destroy unity, it irritates God. (Php 2:14-15)

Do Emotions Control You?

If you ignore your emotions, they will eat you up from the inside.

If you let them control you, they will destroy you.

If you seek God’s help in managing them, they can become allies. 

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